postcards of In Scotland campaign for Scottish Salmon Company

The Scottish Salmon Company

In Scotland Campaign

Our client, The Scottish Salmon Company, required a campaign that would embody the essence of who they are, the product they provide and the commitment they have to Scotland. This would be used across a variety of end media including large format, print and digital adverts. The company prides itself on being Scotland’s finest from product to workforce and it’s the nature of this, which the campaign aims to suggest.

Output : advertising / print

magazine spread from In Scotland campaign for Scottish Salmon Company
poster from In Scotland campaign for Scottish Salmon Company

The product and the company are indivisible from their Scottish home and this has been visualised by using two distinct images side by side. One side portrays an image of the Scottish landscape or culture and the other a section of the salmon that has been shaped to connect with or reflect the opposite image. By doing this we visually suggest that they are inherently connected and that the salmon embodies the essence of Scotland. The concept allows for great flexibility and a wide variety of execution.

The visual concept is reinforced through the use of a strong headline that also reflects the imagery. The right hand side uses the consistent words “In Scotland”, while the left hand side word choice changes dependent upon the image used. Again this approach allows for flexibility, evolution and in turn the potential for a long-term poster campaign.


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